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Hand tools

Of or relating to tools used for simple manual labor.

Industry: Tools

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Hand tools


Tools; Hand tools

A hand tool with a thin metal blade used for cutting metal, wood or other hard materials.

carpentry tool

Tools; Hand tools

Tools specially designed to wood work and used by carpenters is known as carpentry tool.

hand tool

Tools; Hand tools

A equipment held in hand and used to do many tasks.


Tools; Hand tools

A hand tool with a flat blade used for leveling, spreading or shaping substances.


Tools; Hand tools

A hand tool, with fixed or adjustable jaws and used used for turning, gripping, or twisting hard to turn objects.


Tools; Hand tools

A carpenter's tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing and levelling wood.


Tools; Hand tools

A tool with pivoted jaws and used for bending, holding, or cutting.

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