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Ice hockey

Ice Hockey is a team sport played on an ice rink in which players skate on ice skates while using a wooden stick to hit a rubber puck into the opposing team's goal. Hockey is a full contact sport and full body padding must be worn.

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Ice hockey


Sports; Ice hockey

A team; the legal arrangement that establishes ownership of a team.

Freeze the puck

Sports; Ice hockey

To hold the puck against the boards with the skate or stick in order to stop play briefly or gain a face-off.

Full strength

Sports; Ice hockey

When a team has its full complement of 6 players on the ice.

Get the jump

Sports; Ice hockey

To move fast and thereby get a good start on the opponents.

Goal cage

Sports; Ice hockey

A 6 foot wide by 4 foot high tubular steel frame consisting of a cross bar and two goalposts to which a net is attached.

Goal crease

Sports; Ice hockey

A semi-circular area with a 6 foot radius in front of the opening of the goal; denotes the playing area of the goaltender within which attacking players must not obstruct his movement or vision.


Sports; Ice hockey

A player who defends his/her team's goal net by stopping shots of opposing team from entering his team's net and preventing the opposing team from scoring; usually plays in or near the area in front ...

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