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point with the finger (at)

Language; Idioms

To point the finger at someone, as if to accuse or put the blame on that person for something.

make somebody's hair stand on end - adj. hair-raising

Language; Idioms

Some things can be so frightening they can make your hair stand on end.

a picture is worth a thousand words

Language; Idioms

A picture can often get a message across much better than the best verbal description, a picture makes, or is equivalent to thousand words

winner takes all

Language; Idioms

If everything goes to the winner, as in an election, the winner takes all.

monkey business

Language; Idioms

If children get up to monkey business, they are behaving naughtily or mischievously. This is the same as 'monkeying around'.

trump card

Language; Idioms

A trump card is a resource or strategy that is held back for use at a crucial time when it will beat rivals or opponents.

spick and span

Language; Idioms

If a room is spick and span, it is very clean and tidy.

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