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Images depict or records visual perceptions, an example would be a 2 dimensional photograph.

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Optical aberrations

Photography; Images

When points of the image do not translate back onto single points on the sensor after passing through the lens, causing image blurring, reduced contrast or misalignment of colours (chromatic ...


Photography; Images

A large area of white space in a layout.


Photography; Images

An artistic image created using various techniques e.g. show shutter speed, to create an image which does not necessarily represent concrete reality.


Photography; Images

A measure of the sharpness of focus on the edge of an object that a film can produce.


Photography; Images

Something which prevents the image from forming a sharp focus, often an issue with the lens.


Photography; Images

Lines in certain directions are focused less sharply than those in other directions.

Chromatic aberration

Photography; Images

Where points of light are out of focus and give a halo-like image. This is caused by different wavelengths of light coming into focus in front of and behind the film plane.

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