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Industrial design


Design; Industrial design

The process for collecting information about users and information directly from users in their normal work, home or leisure environment. Traditional ethnographic focus on long-term studies spanning ...


Design; Industrial design

A prototype is a partially completed mockup of your final website. Prototyping allows you to test certain parts of the final website, especially when it is incomplete. With many sites, this model can ...

Pluralistic walkthrough

Design; Industrial design

Pluralistic walkthroughs are when groups of users, developers, and usability experts walk through a task scenario. Group walkthroughs have the advantage of providing a diverse range of skills and ...

Graceful degradation

Design; Industrial design

Design considerations that allow the content to maintain effectiveness for the user when a product's new features (such as those taking advantage of the latest technologies) are disabled. For ...

Fishbone diagram

Design; Industrial design

Also called cause-and-effect diagram or root cause analysis. A graphic illustration that identifies cause-and-effect relationships among factors in a given situation. It consists of a "head" which ...

Industrial design (ID)

Design; Industrial design

The professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimise the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and ...

Human factors

Design; Industrial design

The multidisciplinary study of human biological, physical, psychological, and social characteristics in relation to environments, objects and services. The practise of human factors applies to the ...

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