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Initial public offering

Referring to the process of transforming a private company into a public company by selling shares of its stock to the general public for the first time on a securities exchange.

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Initial public offering

Depository trust company (DTC) tracking

Banking; Initial public offering

A service that provides a method of tracking the exact path of purchases and sales of specific securities in the new issues market. This provides the underwriters with a means of twarting premature ...

Due dilegence

Banking; Initial public offering

A process of verifying all information about a company including but not limited to financials, management, market share and risks.

Effective date

Banking; Initial public offering

The day a newly registered security can be offered for sale.

IPO action track

Banking; Initial public offering

An IPOfn product that gives short term trading buy and sell signals on IPOs that have come public within the last 6 months by the top 5% of the underwriters.

IPOfn ranking index

Banking; Initial public offering

A proprietary IPOfn index that is the only forward looking index of its kind that measures the health, or lack thereof, of the IPO market as it relates to IPOs that have yet to be priced. It is ...

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq)

Banking; Initial public offering

A national computer network through which securities dealers execute and post transactions and record prices. It is the major method of over-the-counter trading.

SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)

Banking; Initial public offering

A government agency that regulates and supervises the securities industry. The commission adminsters federal laws, formulates and enforces rules to protect against malpractice, and seeks to ensure ...

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