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Inorganic chemistry

Mercuric fluoride

Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

HgF 2 Poisonous, transparent crystals that decompose when heated; moderately soluble in alcohol and water; used to synthesise organic fluorides.

Sodium carbonate peroxide

Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

2Na 2 CO 3 _3H 2 O A white, crystalline powder; used in household detergents, in dental cleansers, and for bleaching and dyeing.

Cobalt oxide

Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

CoO A greyish brown powder that decomposes at 1935_C, insoluble in water; used as a colourant in ceramics and in manufacture of glass.

Silicon tetrafluoride

Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

SiF 4 A colorless, suffocating gas absorbed readily by water, in which it decomposes; boiling point,_86_C; used in chemical analysis and to make fluosilicic acid. Also known as silicon fluoride.

Zinc bromide

Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

ZnBr 2 Water- and alcohol-soluble, white crystals that melt at 294_C; used in medicine, manufacture of rayon, and photography, and in a radiation viewing screen.

Mercuric cyanide

Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

Hg(CN) 2 Poisonous, colorless, transparent crystals that darken in light, decompose when heated; soluble in water and alcohol; used in photography, medicine, and germicidal soaps. Also known as ...

Sodium carbonate

Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry

Na 2 CO 3 A white, water-soluble powder that decomposes when heated to about 852_C; used as a reagent; forms a monohydrate compound, Na 2 CO 3 _H 2 O, and a decahydrate compound, Na 2 CO 3 _10H 2 ...

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