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The term is widely used in news bulletins is electronic media or newspaper reports.

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News service; Journalism

A scandal involving NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams to assert falsely that helicopter was hit by an RPG during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Over the years, Williams says different versions ...

Biassed reporting

News service; Journalism

The practise of reporting news storeys based on prejudiced views. Instead of telling a storey straight as it is based on facts and objective opinions, biassed reporting often resorts to distortion ...

News bulletin

News service; Journalism

A short radio or television programme which broadcasts main pieces of the news.


News service; Journalism

A short broadcast of an very important piece of news that appears in the middle of any kind of television or radio programme.

Breakfast television

News service; Journalism

It is television programmes that broadcasts early in the morning. People usually watch it while eating their breakfasts.

News agency

News service; Journalism

It is a service which gives newspapers and television stations news from around the world.

The weather

News service; Journalism

It is the report on the weather in a newspaper, television and radio.

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