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Laws and acts

General acts of the international, USA, UK and European Laws.

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Laws and acts

Judgement debtor

Law; Laws and acts

Party who must pay damages after a trial and he is obligated to satisfy the court decision because an unsatisfied court decision is awarded against him.

Joint and several liability

Law; Laws and acts

Liable individually and collectively. If only one of several defendants has the ability to pay damages, he may be liable for all the damages, not just a percentage.


Law; Laws and acts

The doctrine that dictates that enforcement of a legal right can be denied if the person seeking to enforce the right unreasonably delayed the action to the prejudice of the person against whom the ...

Tax avoidance

Law; Laws and acts

The act of taking advantage of legally available tax-planning opportunities in order to minimise one's tax liability.

Pass-through taxation

Law; Laws and acts

The taxation of an entity's owners for the entity's income without taxing the entity itself.

Best evidence rule

Law; Laws and acts

Doctrine whereby the original, or best available evidence should be presented at court, is termed as best-evidence rule.

Sunset law

Law; Laws and acts

A concept through which an administrative agency will cease to exist unless the legislature specifically extends its existence.

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