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Law; Legal

The imposition or assessment of a tax; the means by which the state obtains the revenue required for its activities.

Double taxation

Law; Legal

The imposition of two taxes on the same property during the same period and for the same taxing purpose.


Law; Legal

A person who has been arrested for or formally charged with a crime; the defendant in a criminal case.

Appellate level court

Law; Legal

Appellate courts review the records of trial court decision to determine whether the trial court erred.


Law; Legal

The document that responds to the allegations in a complaint; must be filed within a specific period of time after service has been effectuated.

Bad faith

Law; Legal

To enter into an agreement with no intention of fulfilling the obligations of that agreement.


Law; Legal

The potential of unfairness due to preconceptions, favouritism or prior involvement in the case is called as bias.

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