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Timber after it has been sawed and split into planks or other smaller components that can be used as building material.

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toe kick

Building materials; Lumber

An indentation designed into the bottom of a cabinet to provide room to allow the user to stand closer to the countertop.

Copper chrome Arsenate (CCA)

Building materials; Lumber

Contain a chemical preservative, chromium, copper, and arsenic. CCA is used in pressure treated wood to protect wood from rotting by insects and microbial agents. EPA has classified as restricted use ...


Building materials; Lumber

A thin plastic material used to cover a board. Most common in counter and table tops.

muriatic acid

Building materials; Lumber

Used as a clean brick stone work after completed.


Building materials; Lumber

Engineered lumber made up of thin layers of wood. Micro-lam is used as a structural material for joists, headers, beams, etc.

Lumber grade

Building materials; Lumber

A system by which lumber is ranked by strength or appearance.

Machine stress

Building materials; Lumber

Lumber that has been mechanically stress-graded to measure stiffness of the material. Determines the strength of a piece of wood. Engineers specify certain strength requirements when they design ...

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