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Of or pertaining to facial and dermal cosmetics for the enhancement of beauty and fashion.

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Personal care products; Makeup

A concealer is used to hide or conceal spots and blemishes on the skin. You should get a concealer that is a close match to your nature skin tone. Concealer can also be used to hard dark circles ...

Face powder

Personal care products; Makeup

Used to set foundation after it has been applied. It comes in two types loose powder and cake.


Personal care products; Makeup

The base upon which all other make up is applied. It should match the natural skin colour to produce the best results. Foundation dries out quickly so it should be placed on a makeup sponge and start ...


Personal care products; Makeup

A lotion or cream that adds moisture to the skin, often used after cleansing and before makeup application.


Personal care products; Makeup

Usually a peachy or pinkish highlighter used to create natural rosy cheeks. Applied properly, blush can create a refreshed and energetic look.


Personal care products; Makeup

A liquid used to prime the skin and pores for smoother application of the makeup foundation.


Personal care products; Makeup

Also known as toner, astringent is used as part of the facial cleansing process that controls oily skin and lowers the pH of the face. Basically, it draws tissues together.

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