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Manufactured fibers

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Manufactured fibers

spun fabric

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A fabric made from staple fibers that may contain one or a blend of two or more fiber types.

moisture regain

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

The percentage of moisture in a textile material brought into equilibrium with a standard atmosphere after partial drying, calculated as a percentage of the moisture-free weight.

crimp amplitude

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

The height of displacement of the fiber from its uncrimped condition.

yarn from filament tow

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

The formation of a yarn from filament tow by a combination of cutting or breaking, drafting, and twisting in a single series of operations. Also known as converting.

bidirectional fabric

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

A fabric having reinforcing fibers in two directions, i.e., in the warp (machine) direction and filling (cross-machine) direction.

initial modulus

Textiles; Manufactured fibers

The slope of the initial straight portion of the stress-strain curve. The modulus is the ratio of the change in stress, expressed in newtons per tex, grams-force per tex, or grams-force per denier, ...


Textiles; Manufactured fibers

The last operation of the loom in weaving, in which the last pick inserted in the fabric is "beat" into position against the preceeding picks.

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