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Mapping science

The systemic study of the processes and designs involved with map making.

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Mapping science


Earth science; Mapping science

(1) A pocket-sized instrument registering the number of steps or paces taken by the pedestrian carrying it. Formerly called a pedometer. The passometer is housed in a case resembling that of a ...


Earth science; Mapping science

A person named in a will to carry out its provisions.

angular distortion

Earth science; Mapping science

(1) The failure of a lens system to reproduce accurately, in image space, the angle subtended by two points in object space. (2) Distortion, in a map projection, because of non conformality. (3) ...


Earth science; Mapping science

(1) A particular instant of time from which an event or a series of events is calculated; a starting point in time, to which events are referred. In particular, a date and instant corresponding to ...

equation of ephemeris time

Earth science; Mapping science

The difference: hour angle of true Sun minus hour angle of fictitious mean sun.


Earth science; Mapping science

An ana branch of a watercourse usually filled with water.

dihedral angle

Earth science; Mapping science

(1) The figure formed by two intersecting half planes and the line (called the axis) of intersection on which they terminate. The half planes are called the sides of the dihedral angle. (2) The ...

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