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Marine biology


Biology; Marine biology

Opposite the end/side on which the mouth is located (Kozloff, 1996).

benthic-pelagic coupling

Biology; Marine biology

The cycling of nutrients between the bottom sediments and overyling water column.

cryptic coloration

Biology; Marine biology

In order to protect themselves from predators, many animals purchase coloring and markings meet and to hide in their familiar environment. For example the slugs (sea Hare), Rostanga Pulchra, is ...


Biology; Marine biology

Environment in which the partial pressure of oxygen, significantly below normal atmospheric levels. venous (Lincolnet al., 1998).

keystone predator

Biology; Marine biology

The dominant predator that has a major influence on community structure. For example, sea otters are a keystone predator in kelp beds. Sea otters eat urchins that feed on kelp which house a huge ...


Biology; Marine biology

Unit of environmental samples, consisting of a square frame known area. Quadrat is used to quantify the number or percentage of cover of this type within this area. See also section.


Biology; Marine biology

Planktonic organisms that are 2-20 micrometres in size.

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