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Of, or relating to the study of, planet Mars.

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Astronomy; Mars

The gaseous envelope surrounding a celestial body.


Astronomy; Mars

The use of atmospheric drag to slow a spacecraft.


Astronomy; Mars

A measure of the ability of a body to reflect light.


Astronomy; Mars

The deflection of particles or radiation by scattering processes through angles greater than 90 degrees with respect to the original direction of motion.


Astronomy; Mars

The distance in degrees along the horizon, westward from the south point of the horizon, to the place where a vertical circle through the star or other object intersects the horizon.


Astronomy; Mars

The point in the orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun.

axis of rotation

Astronomy; Mars

The straight line, real or imaginary, passing through a rotating body and is the line about which that body rotates.

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