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A database of terms pertaining to the scientific study of the atmosphere.

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drag coefficient

Weather; Meteorology

A dimensionless ratio of the component of force parallel to the direction of flow (drag) exerted on a body by a fluid to the kinetic energy of the fluid multiplied by a characteristic surface area of ...

dry-adiabatic lapse rate

Weather; Meteorology

A process lapse rate of temperature, the rate of decrease of temperature with height of a parcel of dry air lifted by a reversible adiabatic process through an atmosphere in hydrostatic equilibrium. ...

dry adiabat

Weather; Meteorology

A line of constant potential temperature on a thermodynamic diagram. In terms of pressure ''p'', and specific volume α, the equation for a dry adiabat may be written [[File:ams2001glos-De49.gif


Weather; Meteorology

The frictional impedance offered by air to the motion of bodies passing through it. More precisely, the component of aerodynamic force parallel to the direction of mean flow. At very low speeds, ...

Ekman boundary conditions

Weather; Meteorology

These are the four mathematical/physical conditions used when integrating the fourth-order differential equations governing the Ekman layer. These conditions are [[File:ams2001glos-Ee12.gif

Effective earth radius

Weather; Meteorology

In radar and radio propagation studies, a value for the radius of the earth that may be used in place of the actual radius to correct for refraction by the atmosphere. The effective earth radius is ...

Electric potential

Weather; Meteorology

That function of position Φ the negative gradient of which is the (static) electric field: [[File:ams2001glos-Ee19.gif

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