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People engaged in warfare or combats.

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Amir Hekmati Mirza

People; Militants

Amir Mirza Hekmati of a US citizen, who was arrested for allegedly the CIA, the Iranian espionage. On January 9, 2012, was sentenced to death in the army, the guardians of the Islamic ...

Osama bin Laden

People; Militants

Founder and leader of the jihadist organisation al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia on March 10, 1957 to the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family. He is widely believed to be responsible for ...

Bradley Manning

People; Militants

Bradley Edward Manning (born December 17 1987) is a United States Army Private who was arrested in May 2010 in Baghdad, Iraq, for what is widely considered one of the most serious security breaches ...

Esperanza Pérez Labrador

People; Militants

(1922- 2011) Esperanza Catalina Pérez de Labrador is one of the mothers of the "1st of May Square". She has been fighting against the Argentinean government since 1976, when her family (her husband, ...

Joan of Arc

People; Militants

From the age of 12 she began to have mystical visions. In these visions she said she felt the voice of God commanding her to renew the French nation. At her later trial Joan of Arc said she felt ...

Alexander the Great

People; Militants

Alexander the Great was perhaps the greatest military commander of all time. During one decade, he conquered all of the known world leaving one of the world's most extensive empires. Many storeys ...

Dolores Ibárruri La Pasionaria

People; Militants

Isidora Dolores Ibárruri Gómez (9 December 1895 – 12 November 1989), known more famously as "La Pasionaria" was a Spanish Republican leader of the Spanish Civil War and communist politician of Basque ...

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