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Modems are devices that modulate an analog carrier signal to encode digital information.

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Cyclic redundancy checking (CRC)

Network hardware; Modems

An error-detection technique consisting of a test performed on each block or frame of data by both sending and receiving modems. The sending modem inserts the results of its tests in each data block ...

Dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA)

Network hardware; Modems

The capacity of subdividing large, high-capacity network transmission resources among multiple applications almost instantaneously, and providing each application with only that share of the ...

Data communications

Network hardware; Modems

The transmission or sharing of data between computers via an electronic medium.

Data compression table

Network hardware; Modems

A table containing values assigned for each character during a call under MNP5 data compression. Default values in the table are continually altered and built during each call: The longer the table, ...

Data mode

Network hardware; Modems

Mode used by a modem when sending and receiving data files.

Data communications equipment (DCE)

Network hardware; Modems

Data Communications Equipment, such as dial-up modems that establish and control the data link via the telephone network.


Network hardware; Modems

Any setting assumed, at startup or reset, by the computer's software and attached devices. The computer or software will use these settings until changed by the user or other software.

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