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Music instruments

Devices constructed or adapted for the purpose of making musical sounds.

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Music instruments

Anthropomorphic harp

Music; Music instruments

Linked to the Colonial past of Zaire, which is now Democratic Republic of Congo, this instrument is attributed to Mangbetu people. It is an arched harp made of twisted copper wire, with a geometric, ...


Music; Music instruments

The shape of the mouth, created by the grip of the mouth, which enables the player of a woodwind instrument,e.g. a clarinet, saxophone, oboe or cor anglais (for example) to hold the mouthpiece and ...


Music; Music instruments

Strum is to play a musical instrument, such as a guitar, by brushing the strings with the fingers, especially in a casual and not very skilled way.


Music; Music instruments

Kettledrums, esp. when played by one musician in an orchestra.


Music; Music instruments

A small keyboard instrument in which felted hammers strike a row of steel plates suspended over wooden resonators, giving an ethereal bell-like sound.


Music; Music instruments

A musical instrument played by striking a row of wooden bars of graduated length with one or more small wooden or plastic mallets.


Music; Music instruments

An instrument of the violin family, larger than the violin and tuned a fifth lower.

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