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Natal astrology

The branch of astrology which deals with nativities.

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Natal astrology


Astrology; Natal astrology

A chart made up of the midpoints between the planets from two people's birth charts, for the purpose of relationship analysis.

Moon sign

Astrology; Natal astrology

The Moon Sign is the sign through which the Moon is passing at a given moment, such as the moment of birth.

Midnight mark

Astrology; Natal astrology

Mean local time at birthplace when it is midnight at Greenwich, England.


Astrology; Natal astrology

Correcting the given birth time to true birth time by comparing the nature and date of significant events in the life with the aspects denoting them, or by other more arcane methods.

Ruling planet

Astrology; Natal astrology

The ruling planet, or life-ruler, is the planet that is most highly dignified by elevation, sign and aspect in the birth chart.

Oriental appearance

Astrology; Natal astrology

Planet rising just before the Sun. Said to stand for special skills and faculties in a natal chart.

Birth time

Astrology; Natal astrology

Moment of first breath; important in erecting an accurate nativity.

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