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Drama; Opera

A person who manages or supervises an opera, film, play, etc..


Drama; Opera

A half step or half tone, an interval midway between two whole tones.


Drama; Opera

A group of notes in traditional Western music which played together sound unsettled or even displeasing.


Drama; Opera

A construction on stage built to suggest place and time in which the singers enact the storey of the opera plot.


Drama; Opera

‘Again’; A term the audience calls out to the performers when they wish the performers to repeat what has just been sung.


Drama; Opera

A lightweight soprano voice or soprano role found in comic operas and operettas. The soubrette usually is flirtatious, savvy and often must dance and deliver dialogue. Adele in Die Fledermaus is a ...


Drama; Opera

Any extended musical passage performed by four or more singers.

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