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Operating systems

Software that handles the basic functionality of hardware.

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Operating systems

Locked user profile

Computer; Operating systems

A user account whose user profile settings return to a state defined by Windows SteadyState every time a user logs on to the account; no matter where the user profile settings are physically located.

Percentage markup

Computer; Operating systems

The percentage amount that the list price is increased to arrive at a custom price. For example a 20 percent increase means that the price is 120 percent of the list price.


Computer; Operating systems

A profiling technique that involves inserting diagnostic probes into the programme being profiled.

Cell range

Software; Operating systems

A block of two or more cells in a spreadsheet.


Computer; Operating systems

The component of Notification Services that matches events to subscriptions and produces notifications.

Guaranteed price quote

Computer; Operating systems

A legally binding estimate of the cost for products or services given.

Verb control block

Computer; Operating systems

A structure made up of variables which identifies the verb to be executed, supplies information to be used by the verb, and contains information returned by the verb when execution is complete.

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