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Organic chemistry

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Organic chemistry

Alkali alcoholate

Chemistry; Organic chemistry

A compound formed from an alcohol and an alkali metal base; the alkali metal replaces the hydrogen in the hydroxyl group.


Chemistry; Organic chemistry

C 9 H 9 N 3 SO A white powder that decomposes at 287_C; slightly soluble in water; used as a preemergent herbicide for sugarbeets and fodder beet crops.


Chemistry; Organic chemistry

The radical represented as C 16 H 33 _.

Ethylene chlorobromide

Chemistry; Organic chemistry

CH 2 BrCH 2 Cl Volatile, colourless liquid with chloroformlike odor; soluble in ether and alcohol but not in water; general-purpose solvent for cellulosics; used in organic synthesis.

Hydroxamic acid

Chemistry; Organic chemistry

An organic compound that contains the group _C(_O)- NHOH.


Chemistry; Organic chemistry

CH 2 C(CH 3 )CHO Liquid with 68_C boiling point; slightly soluble in water; used to make resins and copolymers.

Oleyl alcohol

Chemistry; Organic chemistry

C 18 H 35 OH Clear liquid, boiling at 282–349_C; fatty alcohol derived from oleic acid; commercial grade 80–90% pure; used to make resins and surface-active agents, and as a chemical ...

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