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Oriental rugs

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Oriental rugs

Quba, Kuba, Guba, Kuwa

Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A city and district south of Derbend in the Caucasus. Most Kuba rugs are of a small format, finely woven with a knot count of 100-120 and use the symmetrical knots. Major types of Kuba rugs are: ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

The prayer niche in a mosque represented by the arch in a prayer rug.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A southwest Turkish town with a tradition of carpet weaving as early as the 17th century. Antique Milas rugs are usually small and include prayer rugs with diamond shaped mihrabs, rugs with columns ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Small flowers make up the pattern throughout the rug's field.

Mina khani

Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

An allover design consisting of a flower surrounded by a diamond having flowers in each one of its corners and repeated throughout the field. Curvilinear designed Mina Khani is commonly found on ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

(1) elegant east persian traditional weaving centre. (2) A city and province in southeastern Iran which is responsible for rug production since the Safavid empire in the 16th century. Major ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A Kurdish village in western Iran which is currently named Bakhtaran. Many villages are exported oriental rugs from this village.

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