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Other alcoholic products

Any alcoholic beverage that cannot be classified either as a wine, beer, liquor, cocktail or mixed drink.

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Other alcoholic products


Beverages; Other alcoholic products

A mil-drink herbal found in East mountainous of the Nepal and the neighbouring districts of Darjeeling and Sikkim of the India.

tequila suicide

Beverages; Other alcoholic products

Tequila suicide is a new stupid fad which came from the north of Europe. It consists in using the regular ingredients that you use for a tequila shot, which means lemon, salt and tequila, but in a ...

Alcoholic whipped cream

Beverages; Other alcoholic products

Promoted by Whipped Lightning as "the world's first alcohol-infused whipped cream," this product is still categorised by its manufacturer as an alcoholic beverage, one that contains 18% alcohol ...


Beverages; Other alcoholic products

Also known as top shelf or super premium. The high octane, often higher proof alcohols, or super-aged or flavoured versions.


Beverages; Other alcoholic products

A drink made a liquor, usually gin, a half lime and soda water. It is sometimes sweetened, and often served with ice in a rickey glass.

Well drink

Beverages; Other alcoholic products

A well drink is a drink where neither the brand of the liquor or brand of the mix is mentioned, for example gin & tonic, rum & coke.


Beverages; Other alcoholic products

Party-size beverage consisting of fruit, fruit juices, flavourings and sweeteners, soft drinks, and a wine or liquor base.

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