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Printing paper and industry terms.

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Printing & publishing; Paper

(1) Descriptive of pages on both sides of the sheet which do not back up accurately. (2) Two or more colours are not in the proper position when printed; register does not "match. "


Printing & publishing; Paper

In digital pre-press, the test used to evaluate or analyze every component needed to produce a printing job. Preflight confirms the type of disk being submitted, the color gamut, color breaks, and ...

letterpress printing

Printing & publishing; Paper

Also known as relief typographic printing, letterpress printing employs the use of type or designs cast or engraved in relief (raised) on a variety of surfaces which can include metal, rubber, and ...


Printing & publishing; Paper

Paper's performance on a press and its ability to withstand the stresses of a running press unaltered. Not the same as printability.


Printing & publishing; Paper

The undesirable transfer of ink from freshly printed sheets of paper to another.


Printing & publishing; Paper

Printed in one color only.

Stock weights

Printing & publishing; Paper

Weight documents stocked Mills and merchants.

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