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Paper production

Paper manufacturing and production terms.

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Paper production


Printing & publishing; Paper

Paper's performance on a press and its ability to withstand the stresses of a running press unaltered. Not the same as printability.

finished goods

Manufacturing; Paper production

Materials or products which have received the final increments of value through manufacturing or processing operations, and which are being held in inventory for delivery, sale, or ...


Printing & publishing; Paper

Machine equipped with a guillotine blade that can cut paper to the desired size.

Dandy roll

Printing & publishing; Paper

(1) A plain roll situated above the wet web of the paper to provide a smoothing action to the top surface of the paper as it passes under the roll. (2) A watermarking dandy roll is a roll of skeletal ...

Mechanical pulp

Printing & publishing; Paper

In papermaking, groundwood pulp produced by mechanically grinding logs or wood chips. It is used mainly for newsprint and as an ingredient of base stock for lower grade publication papers.

E.C.H. Will Sheeter

Printing & publishing; Paper

Continuous automatic cut-size sheeter, ream wrapper, ream labeler, ream accumulator, case packer, lidder, bander and palletizer.


Printing & publishing; Paper

Continuous multiple ply form manufactured from a single wide web which is folded longitudinally.

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