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Peace keeping

Hybrid of politico-military interventions aimed at conflict control usually with the involvement of the United Nations presence in the field by military and civilian personnel.

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Peace keeping

danger area (UXO/UXB)

Military; Peace keeping

A specified area above , below, or within which there may be potential danger.

cease-fire violation (CFV)

Military; Peace keeping

The breach of a cease-fire agreement that involves the firing of weapons by either party.


Military; Peace keeping

Acquisition, delivery and distribution of new equipment to the units who are destined to use it.

show of force

Military; Peace keeping

The deploying of military forces to deter a potential aggressor and to demonstrate UN resolve.

Command and control

Military; Peace keeping

The exercise of command that is the process through which the activities of military forces are directed, coordinated, and controlled to accomplish the mission. This process encompasses the ...

United Nations Ration Scale

Military; Peace keeping

The UN ration scale incorporates two Basis of Provisioning (BOP); BOP A has been developed to reflect non western tastes and dietary patterns and BOP B is the western equivalent.

casualty evacuation (CASEVAC)

Military; Peace keeping

Evacuation from the point of injury to the next suitable level of care.

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