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good day

Culture; People

Good day denotes a conventionally used expression of greeting when two people or more meet and depart during the day.


Culture; People

Amerasian is a person born in Asia, to a U.S. military father and an Asian mother. Several countries have significant populations of Amerasians, most noteably Philippines where the the largest U.S. ...

human being

Culture; People

A person. Any member of family Hominidae, often characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech and erect carriage.


Culture; People

Member of a council, esp. of a town or city.


Culture; People

An administrative officer in charge of a college, faculty or division in a university.


Culture; People

A person whose diet focuses on foods grown and produced nearby, typically 100 miles.


Culture; People

Meaningless talk or activity, typically designed to trick someone or conceal the truth or a situation [ODE]

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