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Personal banking

Referring to the business when banks carry out transactions with customers directly, rather than with other banking institutions or with large corporations.

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Personal banking


Banking; Personal banking

Person working at a window in a bank who receives deposits, hands out cash and performs other duties.


Banking; Personal banking

A [financial] transaction involves a change in the status of the finances of two or more businesses or individuals.

trade receivables

Banking; Personal banking

Also known as accounts receivable - trade. Amounts due from the sale of goods or service on credit that are not evidenced by promissory notes.

plain vanilla

Banking; Personal banking

Simple; not complex. Sometimes used to differentiate pass-through MBS pools from CMO structures. More often used to mean sequential-pay REMICs, the simplest REMIC structure.

ATM skimming

Banking; Personal banking

Describes the consumer fraud or theft that occurs when using an ATM that has been tampered with. Devices attached to the ATM (more commonly occurring at stand-alone ATMs) are used to collect credit ...


Banking; Personal banking

In the broadest sense of the term, "banking" is the business of accepting temporary responsibility for safeguarding other people's money ("deposits") and then lending out these funds (along with the ...

Adversely classified asset

Banking; Personal banking

Loans and other assets that are at risk to some degree, in the opinion of bank examiners. Such assets fail to meet acceptable credit standards, and totals of classified loans are reported separately ...

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