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Physical geography

Bermuda high

Geography; Physical geography

High pressure system that develops over the western subtropical North Atlantic. Also called Azores High.


Geography; Physical geography

Lines on a map joining points of equal value.


Geography; Physical geography

Type of sedimentary rock that is formed from the concentration of dissolved salts through evaporation.

radioisotope or radioactive isotope

Geography; Physical geography

A unstable isotope of an element. This material decays spontaneously and releases subatomic particles and electromagnetic energy.

non-clastic sedimentary rock

Geography; Physical geography

Sedimentary rocks that are created either from chemical precipitation and crystallization, or by the lithification once living organic matter.

hygroscopic water

Geography; Physical geography

That water in the soil which exists as a microscopic level as a layer around particle of clay. It is held by electrical attraction and is unable to leave the soil.


Geography; Physical geography

In forest/woodland management, the technique of cutting tree growth back to the main trunk and thereby encouraging new growth from the top of the main trunk.

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