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Referring to the skilled trade of working with pipes and plumbing fixtures that provide water or drain waste.

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P O plug

Construction; Plumbing

Lavatory drain with separate removable plug.


Construction; Plumbing

The overflow of a plumbing fixture due to drain stoppage e.g. a clogged toilet or clogged drain.


Construction; Plumbing

A pipe fitting with two openings that changes the direction of the line. Also called an ell. It comes in a variety of angles, from 22 1/2° to 90°.

Water service pipe

Construction; Plumbing

The pipe from the water main or other sources of potable water supply to the water-distributing system of the building served.

Water hose power (WHP)

Construction; Plumbing

The calculated horse power produced by the pump using the formula WHP = head x gpm/3960.

Water hammer

Construction; Plumbing

A loud banging noise caused by the hydraulic shock of suddenly shutting off a water supply, where water moves against the side of containing pipe or vessel.

Water hammer arrestor

Construction; Plumbing

A device installed near a fixture to absorb the hydraulic shock caused by a sudden shutoff of water.

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