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Special government unit empowered to enforce the law.

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functional specialization

Law enforcement; Police

A form of organizational structure in which employees are assigned specific duties based on their areas of expertise, thereby allowing less critical tasks to be delegated to paraprofessionals.


Government; Police

Head of a police station of the Royal Thai Police, usually (or always?) a police colonel (Pol. Col.).

order maintenance

Law enforcement; Police

Police intervention in incidents that do not involve actual criminal activity but often entail "interpersonal conflict" or "public nuisance. "

police-community relations

Law enforcement; Police

Relations between the police and racial and ethnic minority communities.


Law enforcement; Police

Writing or graphics sprayed, scratched, or painted on public walls or other public surfaces without permission.

Campus police

Law enforcement; Police

Special district police who serve college and university campuses.

Local political culture

Law enforcement; Police

Values and traditions, communicated informally in a particular department, town, or community, that influence the organisational structure of policing and officer discretion in that area.

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