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Any term that relates to machines that can take computer text or image and transcribe it into paper form.

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3D printer

Office equipment; Printers

Technologically advanced printer that differs completely from paper printers in that it allows users to create 3-D models by stacking material on top of one another to produce anything from jewellery ...

4x6 printing

Office equipment; Printers

Printing snapshot-sized photos. Many HP printers have this capability. For more information about this technology, see the definition for borderless printing.

6-, 7 or 8-ink printing

Office equipment; Printers

An extension of 3- or 4-ink printing (see CMYK ), multiple-ink printing adds additional colours to create long-lasting, virtually grain-free photos with true-to-life color, and accurate ...

Adaptive lighting

Office equipment; Printers

Image enhancement to enhance detail in shadow areas or areas that are too light or overexposed.1111


; Printers

A printer that can also scan and copy; many of these devices can send and receive faxes as well.


Office equipment; Printers

A connexion standard for transferring data that's recognised by all PCs or Macintosh computers. For example, a parallel printer port is a common interface found on virtually all PCs for transferring ...


Office equipment; Printers

The process of removing or reducing the jagged distortions in curves and diagonal lines so that lines appear smooth or smoother.

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