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Terms relating to machines that are able to take the display of a computer monitor and transfer it onto a wall by means of light projection.

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DLP projector

Office equipment; Projectors

A DLP projector using Texas Instruments DLP technology. This example uses one, two or three microfabricated light valves called digital micromirror devices (DMDs). The use of versions of single - and ...

LCD projector

Office equipment; Projectors

A LCD projector uses LCD light gates. This is the simplest system, making it one of the most common and affordable for home theatres and business use. Its most common problem is a visible "screen ...

CRT projector

Office equipment; Projectors

A CRT projector use cathode ray tubes. This typically involves a blue, a green, and a red tube. This is the oldest system still in regular use, but falling out of favour largely because of the bulky ...

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