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The practice or science of diagnosing and treating mental disorders

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Biotechnology; Biochemistry

description a statement presenting something in words, from verb describe


Health care; Psychiatry

a condition, state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they really are

hemispheric neglect

Health care; Psychiatry

Is the deterioration of the visual centers of one side of the brain that causes that the patient only see half of the things. These patients only eat, for example, the left side of the dish, write on ...


Psychology; Psychiatry

An irresistible urge to steal items of trivial value


Psychology; Psychiatry

An emotional response to a perceived threat


Health care; Psychiatry

Pica is a disorder characterized by an appetite for substances largely non-nutritive (clay, sand, metalic objects...etc etc). For these actions to be considered pica, they must persist for more than ...

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