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A railroad is a means of wheeled transportation for moving people and goods. Railroads are tracks on which trains can tow cars behind an engine.

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End to loop

Railways; Railroad

A layout not having a continuous run but having at least one section of track from which a train can be set in motion and eventually return to its starting point without having to be reversed. The ...

Energized-live (dangerous to life)

Railways; Railroad

Electric apparatus, such as overhead wires, third rail, transformers, switches, motors, etc., is energised when connected to the normal power source. All systems are considered to be energised until ...

Switch stand

Railways; Railroad

A device by which a switch is thrown, locked, and its position indicated. It consists essentially of a base, spindle, lever, and connecting rod, together with target, and can be equipped with a lamp ...

Engine burn

Railways; Railroad

Destruction of rail head metal caused by spinning locomotive wheels. Engine Burn Fracture is a rail break caused by an engine burn.

Switch target

Railways; Railroad

A visual day signal fixed on the spindle of a switch stand, or the circular flaring collar fitted around the switch-lamp lens, and painted a distinctive colour to indicate the position of the switch.

Expansion shim (rail)

Railways; Railroad

Spacer inserted between ends of abutting rails while track is being laid to provide allowance for expansion of steel when temperature changes.

Switch-point lug

Railways; Railroad

The lug attached to a switch point, to which the front rod is connected.

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