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Relating to the infrastructure developed for the transport of trains.

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level crossing

Transportation; Railway

Point where a road or path crosses a railway line, without a bridge or tunnel.


Transportation; Railway

Single passenger vehicle within a train, generally coupled with other vehicles and hauled by a locomotive.

Accomodation bridge

Transportation; Railway

A bridge that connects two separate parts of land which were under common ownership but separated when the railway was built


Transportation; Railway

A weighing device designed to cheque the weight of waggons when empty and fully loaded. The speed for weighbridges is generally restricted (due to the precision machinery).

Small shunting locomotive

Transportation; Railway

Diesel or electric traction unit with a power rating between 300 and 499 HP.


Transportation; Railway

Overhead power line for electric locomotives. Contrary to what some might think, the catenary is not straight, but in a zigzag shape so as to distribute the contact over the contact strip support and ...

Wheel arrangement

Transportation; Railway

The most common system used to describe a steam locomotive's wheel arrangement is the Whyte system, which consists of three digits: the first represents the number of leading carrying wheels, the ...

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