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Any of various cold-blooded, usually egg-laying vertebrates of the class Reptilia,that have an external covering of scales or horny plates and breathe by means of lungs.

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Animals; Reptiles

A large aquatic reptile that resembles a giant lizard. There are two alligator species in the world—a large type found in the Southern United States and a small type found in East China. Alligators ...


Animals; Reptiles

To regulate body temperature. Most reptiles cannot produce their own body heat and must rely on external or environmental heat sources. They control their core body temperatures by moving in and out ...


Animals; Reptiles

Thermoregulation is the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when temperature surrounding is very different.


Animals; Reptiles

The dormant, inactive state of a hibernating or estivating reptile.


Animals; Reptiles

The cloaca of an animal; in reptiles this opening may also serve the reproductive organs. It is seen as a marker of where the body ends and the tail begins, which is hard to determine in some ...


Animals; Reptiles

Referring to the underside of an animal, the "tummy" side


Animals; Reptiles

Remaining in a species only in a much reduced or useless state. Vestigial body parts or organs are evidence of parts that the ancestors of an animal had, but that the modern animal no longer needs or ...

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