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bleeder current

Electronic components; Resistors

The current through a bleeder resistor. In a voltage divider, bleeder current is usually determined by the 10 percent rule of thumb.

time constant

Electronic components; Resistors

The time constant is the time it would take for the potential difference across the capacitor (in an RC circuit) to increase to the same level as the applied voltage. The capacitance voltage rises at ...


Electronic components; Resistors

Metal electrode leadless face. A cylindrical surface mount package used by some types of resistors. Refer to the diagram below. Note there are a number of different shape variations possible.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Electronic components; Resistors

A transfer of electrostatic charge between objects at different potentials which could damage the resistor via static damage.

Non-precision resistor

Electronic components; Resistors

There are three classes of non-precision resistors: non-precision, semi-precision, and precision. A method to indicate a resistors value to a certain degree.

Mounting bracket

Electronic components; Resistors

A small bracket or clip used to mount or secure high-power resistors. A metal bracket would also be used as a heat sink.

Tab mounted resistor

Electronic components; Resistors

A mounting method used by some high power resistors. The resistor uses tabs as opposed to leads or metal pads.

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