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Rice science

Of or relating to the science of rice cultivation.

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Rice science

short-term crops

Agriculture; Rice science

Crops that grow for three months or less.

hand tractor

Agriculture; Rice science

Walk-behind, two-wheel tractor commonly used for land preparation in wetland rice. Also called power tiller.

soil productivity

Agriculture; Rice science

The capacity of the soil, in its normal environment, to produce a specified plant or sequence of plants under a specified system of management. It emphasizes the capacity of the soil to produce crops ...

causal organism (causal agent)

Agriculture; Rice science

An organism (bacterium, fungus, virus, nematode, or mycoplasma) or agent that causes a disease or disorder.

LD50 (lethal dosage)

Agriculture; Rice science

The dose that is lethal to 50% of the test animals or micro organisms in a given time period. It is usually expressed in milligrams of insecticides per kilogram of body weight in mammals, and ...

comb-tooth harrow

Agriculture; Rice science

Cultivating implement with spikes or teeth resembling a comb.

staggered planting

Agriculture; Rice science

Planting different fields in a community or on a farm over a period of several weeks, in contrast with simultaneous planting wherein all fields are planted over a period of a week or less.

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