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Referring to the construction and/or tiling of rooves on buildings and other structures.

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Terra cotta tiles

Construction; Roofing

One of the oldest of roofing materials, these tiles are made from hard fired clay in many different shapes and patterns.

Straining sill

Construction; Roofing

A horizontal member in a timber roof, typically fixed to a tie beam to resist the sidways thrust of struts.

Straining beam

Construction; Roofing

1.) In a truss a horizontal strut above the tie beam. 2.) In a queen post truss the horizontal strut between the ends of the queen posts.

Warren girder

Construction; Roofing

Parallel top and bottom chords joined by any number of W webs.

Wall plate

Construction; Roofing

1.) A horizontal member, usually timber bolted or otherwise fixed to the top of a wall to which the roof framing is fixed. 2.) A horizontal member, such as a steel plate fixed to a masonry or ...


Construction; Roofing

A board or roll formed metal section fixed at the gable to finish and protect the roof to gable wall joint.

Slater's hammer

Construction; Roofing

A tool with a long sharp point for piercing the slate for nail holes and a hammer head for nailing.

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