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Root vegetables

young red onions

Fruits & vegetables; Root vegetables

A purple baby scallion, young red onions are about half the size of a pencil and sport crisp, green onion flavored tops. The purple bulb of this unusual onion measures about two inches in length. ...

Yukon gold potatoes

Fruits & vegetables; Root vegetables

The Yukon gold potato, botanically known as Solanum tuberosum, is a relatively new potato on the market and the first potato bread in Canada to be mass marketed by name. Its namesake pays homage to ...

water caltrop

Fruits & vegetables; Root vegetables

The plant genus ladder bearing prickly quadripartite edible fruit nutlike, also called "water chestnut".


Fruits & vegetables; Root vegetables

Annual or biennial plant (Raphanus sativus) of the mustard family, probably of Oriental origin, grown for its large, succulent root. Low in calories and high in bulk, radishes have a sharp taste and ...

Chinese toon

Fruits & vegetables; Root vegetables

It is is a species of Toona native to eastern and southeastern Asia,also called toona sinensis. The young leaves are extensively used as a vegetable in China; they have an onion-like flavour.

Water chestnut

Fruits & vegetables; Root vegetables

The thick bottom part of the stem of a plant that grows in China. It is used in Chinese cooking.


Fruits & vegetables; Root vegetables

A small perennial variety of onion which forms clumps of small separate bulbs of similar size(formerly confused with Allium ascalonicum, an onion of the Near East); a bulb of this plant,esp.as used ...

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