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The activity of controlling and navigating a boat which uses sails as its main means of propulsion.

Industry: Boat

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Boat; Sailboat

The front of the sail.

Centerboard pennant

Boat; Sailboat

The line used to raise and lower the centerboard.


Boat; Sailboat

A vertical plate sticking out the bottom of the boat that pivots up and down about the centerboard pin.

Cat rig

Boat; Sailboat

A sail rig with a single mast well forward and a single sail attached to the aft side of the mast.

Coaming pulley

Boat; Sailboat



Boat; Sailboat

A metal ring or grommet around a hole in the sail for reinforcement.

Clevis pin

Boat; Sailboat

A pin used to close the opening of a shackle or clevis.

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