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Education; Schools

A measure of progression in school education, each year being marked in a progression in form. However, the term "year" is more common until the "6th form" is reached, normally at age 17.


Education; Schools

Moodle is a free Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that educators can use to create effective online learning ...

the nun

Education; Schools

Before learning of the nun is not considered significant but at present people started for them to get used to this, one can give short speeches put forward the idea of teaching jobs for young people ...

School class

Education; Schools

A school class is group of students, often children, with a teacher. Before children go to school, they often visit Kindergarden fist.

Catastrophe award

Education; Schools

A paper award given to an 8-year-old school girl named Cassandra Garcia for having the most excuses for not having her homework done. Her teacher from the Desert Springs Academy in Tucson, Arizona ...

Pubic education

Education; Schools

An embarrassing spelling mistake that was meant for "public education" on an athletic sponsorship sign put up by the Red Lion Area School District in Pennsylvania in September 2012. The typo was ...

First stage of tertiary education

Education; Schools

This level includes tertiary programmes with: academic orientation (type A) which are largely theoretical;occupation orientation (type B) usually shorter than type A and geared for entry to the ...

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