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Sexual health

Enjoying emotional, physical, and social well-being in regard to one’s sexuality, including free and responsible sexual expression that enriches one’s personal and social life and fulfills one’s sexual rights. Disorders in sexual health can impact a person’s physical and emotional health, as well as his or her relationships and self-image.

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Sexual health

wet dreams

Health care; Sexual health

Erotic imaging during sleep that causes ejaculation in men and lubrication in women. See "nocturnal emission. "


Health care; Sexual health

Test results that show infection is present.


Health care; Sexual health

Slang for a certain way of cuddling. Both people lay on their sides with one person lying in front of the other — stomach to back. Lying in this position resembles two spoons stacked together.

dry humping

Health care; Sexual health

Body rubbing with clothing. See "frottage. "

hand job

Health care; Sexual health

Slang for manually stimulating a partner's sex organ.


Health care; Sexual health

A condition in which the foreskin of the penis, once retracted, cannot return to its original location.

sex surrogate

Health care; Sexual health

The member of a sex therapy team who fulfills the therapist's suggested sensory exercises by serving as the client's partner, teaching the social and sexual skills that are needed. The International ...

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