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Ski jumping

Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers ski down a ramp and attempt to jump as far a distance as possible while also being judged on style for points.

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Ski jumping

TP Point (Table Point)

Sports; Ski jumping

This is a point in-between the Norm Point and the K point and is the place where the jumper is anticipated to land. A green line on either side of the landing area marks the TP Point.


Sports; Ski jumping

This is the skill and ability of the skier in keeping the line they are jumping.


Sports; Ski jumping

Light, dry snow.


Sports; Ski jumping

This is a technique when landing. The skis are together, they should not be more then a ski width apart, and usually the outside leg is in front of the inside leg with the skiers outside boot being ...


Sports; Ski jumping

This is what the tower at the top of the jumping hill is called. The skiers take an elevator to the top of the tower (scaffold) and this is where the skiers step into the jumping hill to start their ...

Side cut

Sports; Ski jumping

This is a description of the shape of the jumping skis.

Ski boots

Sports; Ski jumping

Ski Boots used in ski jumping are not as rigid as ski boots used in other skiing events, they do however, keep the ankle of the ski jumper rigid in order to prevent the skier from spraining their ...

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