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Skirts & dresses

Either a tubular shaped garment that hangs from the waist ( skirt), or a skirt with an attached bodice that is usually worn by females (dress).

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Skirts & dresses


Apparel; Skirts & dresses

Gathering and bunching material on skirt fronts to create a darted look.

Attached sleeves

Apparel; Skirts & dresses

Sleeves which are attached to the side of a garment at only one point.


Apparel; Skirts & dresses

A form-fitting, knee-length dress with a mandarin collar and slit skirt, worn chiefly by Oriental women


Apparel; Coats & jackets

The process of converting waste or discarded products into new products with higher quality and new usage. Reworking junk materials into new and improved products. Often associated with recycling, ...


Weddings; Coats & jackets

Environmentally-friendly and ethical design that does not sacrifice quality or style. Both green and stylish. The combination of trendiness and the environment.


Apparel; Skirts & dresses

A richly embroidered dress worn in the Persian Gulf (Khaleegy) region, in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai.

Tulle bi telli

Apparel; Skirts & dresses

A textile art from Egypt in which tiny bits of metal are attached into net fabric (tulle) to create a design.

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