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Culture specific, informal words and terms that are not considered standard in a language.

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Language; Slang

Slang term used by men to refer to young women.


Language; Slang

British term for a woman of loose morals and questionable hygiene. A woman lacking in class. A slut.


Language; Slang

to talk down, insult or straightout downgrade another persons capacity to live or perform an activity. commonly used on sporting fields, school yard bust ups, or between friends.


Language; Slang

(British) Trouble, violence, aggression. A typical example of menacing understatement as it occurs in London working-class speech (spanking, seeing-to and 'have a word with (someone)' are ...


Language; Slang

A vulgar person. A middle-class term of social denigration 'used about people in tracksuits on council estates' since 2000.


Language; Slang

1. A silly, empty-headed or frivolous woman. This is the sense of the word in vogue since the late 1980s, imported to Britain and Australia from the USA. The origin is almost certainly a ...

Bum Bag

Language; Slang

In UK, Bum Bag means a small bag on a belt that you wear around your waist to keep money, keys, and other small things in. However, in US, they called a small bag on a belt as Fanny Pack.

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